Undead Citadel

Undead Citadel Releases today!

Today it’s a special day, we’re releasing Undead Citadel!🎉 After years of development, demos and fests, today we’re launching the game. Let the adventure begin! The release of the game starts with a special launch promotion don’t miss out this opportunity and get your copy of the game! We’re constantly getting your feedback, and the … Leer másUndead Citadel Releases today!

Undead Citadel Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay Trailer for Undead Citadel The trailer offers a thrilling sneak peek into the immersive and intense gaming experience awaiting players within the haunted walls of the citadel, commencing June 8th on Steam. Explore the Action-Packed Realm of Undead Citadel Undead Citadel catapults players into an adrenaline-charged adventure, pitting them against relentless hordes of undead … Leer másUndead Citadel Gameplay Trailer