Undead Citadel


Advanced physics

100% physics-based combat engine that prioritizes unobtrusive interaction with objects and characters.

Close combat

Smash or cut your enemies down with over 40+ different close combat weapons with real life movements: swords, axes, warhammers, maces, shields, longswords or even your own hands.

Ranged combat

Take the undead down with ranged weaponry like javelins, bow and arrows, or blow them up with powerful explosives.

Enemy types

Engage against dozens of different close combat, ranged or heavily armored enemy types.

Magic potions

Find and use slow motion, strength, invulnerability or freeze magic potions to mutate
your power and obliterate the dead ones.

Full-size campaign

Full-size campaign: find your way through a huge apocalyptic fantasy environment,
with 10+ levels to explore, including exterior and interior scenery.

Horde mode

Horde mode: Survive through endless armies of foes and reach the top leaderboards.

Solve puzzles

Solve a variety of puzzles to advance through the single player experience.

Control Scheme

Motion Controls

Undead Citadel relies on motion controls for engaging in combat, the use of Touch Controllers is required.

Seated or Standing

It can be played while seated or standing.


For in-game movement, players can choose between locomotion with instant or smooth turning


Steam VR Fest

Join us July 18 to 25 for Steam VR Fest and try out Undead Citadel Demo! We know it’s been a while, but it’s finally here! Don’t miss your chance to engage a…

A Rose by any Other Name

Ladies and gentlemen and all wretches in between, which I assure makes up the most of you; we would like to pick those deteriorating brains of yours. You see, we…

The First Q&A

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Besides toiling away producing Undead Citadel, we have been providing a few assets for you to take a peek into our development. Mentioning this, we…
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