Undead Citadel

The First Q&A

The First Q&A

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Besides toiling away producing Undead Citadel, we have been providing a few assets for you to take a peek into our development. Mentioning this, we would like to give our most sincere thanks because we have truly been mesmerized by your support and positive feedback in general.

WorkingJello – Reddit

My one concern would be that the gameplay could turn out to be too easy … you cut through the undead like butter and it doesn’t take much skill to dismember them, which means there’s no real challenge …

I hope the devs can get the difficulty right.

We are quite aware of this frustration in current games, thus we have tasked ourselves to provide added difficulty when it comes to taking down your enemies. This comes by implementing a few simple factors, such as the armour used by your enemies, which varies quite a bit. Swords can rarely cut through armour, thus you will need to look for weak spots at which to strike. Even if you try to hit with a two handed mace to bludgeon your opponent, there is the chance that your strike will be parried. To this we add a durability factor to each weapon, so depending on the use you give to it, it may break after consecutive miss-blows.

VolgenFalconer – Reddit

Have you figured out how to make sword fighting feel good in VR? Most games it just feel like waggling a stick in the air, since there’s no resistance, weight or actual collision.

Ahhh, the old two handed wand claymore sword… Indeed we understand your frustration. Unfortunately VR controls do not offer weight, thus in all instances, the feeling will be that either your weapons feels like a feather, or that your hand moved farther and faster than your weapon ever could. This is the current predicament all VR games face as of now.

This is where our hybrid physics based combat system comes into play. We needed to reach a mid point within the experience. This means that the game is not 100% physics based. We initially went for this, yet after some time opted to remove this on account that whenever you fought against your enemy or even when you hit your sword against a wall (even without meaning to), the sword would either stagnate or bounce back and in the meantime your hand would actually carry on moving into the other direction without any impediment. This was okay the first few times, yet after a while this grew to be quite frustrating. So after removing this, we added durability and force into effect. So depending on your own angle, force, and a few other calculations as well as that of your opponent, you would be able to break through the enemies defense, break your weapon, have it grasped out of your hand, vice versa, etc.

MRdecepticon – Reddit

Is there any real gameplay footage? This and the other footage that was linked after this video ended are both canned/pre-rendered “gameplay” footage.

Head movements is what gives it away. No one moves that smoothly. Tracking is never that smooth, there is always a small amount of jitter. Also, the graphics are too good…I know that’s weird, but if it were being filmed live, I really don’t think the graphical fidelity would be that high.

Graphics and physics within the trailers are all real. But indeed we have used capture devices to show off a bit more and ease the vision for public showing. These include two factors:

  1. We used a gimbal (steady-camera) to soften the players movement for ease of viewing on a flat screen (the sensation is quite different when you are actually immersed behind the lens.
  2. We also used ‘Depth of Field’ in order to highlight certain aspects within the screen, which is why you may quite evidently notice a heavy blur effect in most trailers. This will not be present in the game of course.

Runesr2 – Reddit

PSVR could ensure great polish, but please give us great PC textures and not blurry PSVR textures, thanks!!! (Textures do look great in the trailers though, maybe I don’t need to worry ?

Take a look.


TrendyWhistle – Reddit

Lens flares are also a bit odd if they don’t use a natural one, like project cars sun flares feel totally natural and immersive, but zero caliber’s camera lens style flares are super weird to my eyes in VR.

Flares are an optic effect caused by cameras and thus there is no sense using them to replicate them as part of the naked eye view. Yet we have included a certain ‘glow’ effect which we believe adds quite well to the atmosphere and allow for certain gameplay factors to give purpose to this; for example, it can be used to identify if an enemy is dead (truly dead) or not.

Vincehre – Reddit

Haha, on the Steam page it just displays the minimum VR requirements (R9 290/GTX970) but that won’t be the case probably ?

If you need to see to believe, so be it…

This is the PC being used by our lead developer to design/develop/play the game (we are aware that it’s in Spanish, so just to translate for those who may not undersand, it says that our system specs are fabulous, as is the local paella, the weather is amazing, and Barca rules all).

Kylamon1 – Reddit

My god. If that game has a story and isn’t just an arena/wave killer it could be great. That combat looks pretty sick

The story is half the fun. We will delve more on this soon.

HappierShibe – Reddit

What are the locomotion options?

Smooth Locomotion with Stick or Move, Teleport, and 3D Rudder.

Yoru-Seishin – Reddit

How long is this game meant to be?

To tell you the truth, we do not know yet. We have the main script, but modify it constantly. To this we are also still working on each level, puzzles, routes, etc. So once it’s all put together we will be able to give you some sort of indicator. Beyond this, we are adding hidden bonuses, weapons collection for your personal hall, horde mode, and leaderboards.

RogueByPoorChoices – Reddit

Looks really good. But why oh why is there slo mo ??? At least make it optional. Nothing kills the Adrenalin you get from being rushed more than slo mo

The slow motion you see is actually on account of a potion which was consumed. There are different potions available which allow you to drug yourself for a variety of effects.

DarkHunter1982 – Discord

When do you think to release it?
There is a beta to try?

We dare not give a fixed release date, since our main goal is to deliver something great. We are currently finishing up the core of the game, but there is still lots of balancing to be done, additions, modifications, sometimes new ideas come up. Therefore we shall take our time… but yes, we are confident enough to say that it will be this year.

As for beta. We will have a beta version. But as with the previous statement, we will give out more information later on.

That would be it. Thank you all once again for your support and please, feel free to join us on our Discord channel, available on our website. We are always there and eager to answer questions, listen to your comments, suggestions, ideas, or simply to have a cup of tea.

Till next time. Goodbye.