Undead Citadel

A Rose by any Other Name

A Rose by any Other Name

Ladies and gentlemen and all wretches in between, which I assure makes up the most of you; we would like to pick those deteriorating brains of yours. You see, we have some assets of varying importance which we need to bestow names upon. This is where you come in. We will be asking you for a specific name for a specific item (be it a weapon, tavern, or something a bit more epic) which will be included within the game.

The first item which we would like for you to name is Sir Anvil Capheus’ sword which he brings back with him from the crusades (and will be his initial weapon).

How will this work:
1. Submit your answer with the name, both hashtags, and @darkcurry on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as shown in this example:

Deathbringer #undeadcitadel #namemysword @darkcurry

You will have until the 28th of April at 22h GMT to submit your proposed name.

2. We will pick out the top 6 which we like (and can greenlight for legal reasons) and then allow for everyone to vote for the final choice within our social media channels.

Let’s see what you dimwits can come up with!